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International and Domestic Shipping . Seattle Air Freight and Ocean Freight. Any Size , Any Weight.
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Air Freight

Transport Delivery Service is located just minutes from Seattle International Airport.! Transport Delivery Service Seattle can handle all of your air freight needs.

First Flight Out

Same day delivery to most major U.S. cities. Your shipment is picked up immediately and routed on the next available flight. Status of the flight is monitored and proof of delivery is provided within minutes of delivery at no additional charge.

Late Night Pickup

Transport Delivery Service Worldwide provides the latest pickup time in the industry - as late as 1 A.M. – with next day A.M. delivery to most major U.S. cities. Late night pickup allows you to extend your work day into the evening and still have your shipment delivered by morning.

Weekend & Holiday Service

When a shipment must arrive on a weekend or holiday, Transport Delivery Service Worldwide will arrange for pickup and delivery to meet your specific needs.

On-Board Courier Delivery

For highly sensitive or extremely valuable shipments, Transport Delivery Service Worldwide will hand carry and deliver your critical shipment – domestic or international.

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Transport Delivery Service provides Shipping, Warehousing and Delivery Services Worldwide.

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